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Like I had suggested in a prior post, I did pick up The Kite Runner and completed reading it today. The story is set in Afghanistan for the most part, is narrated in the first person, revolves around the lives of two boys – the narrator, Amir, and the son of his father’s servant, Hassan, and evolves with interesting twists and turns as they age against the backdrop of the changing political scene in Afghanistan. The book provides vignettes of Afghan history and culture, accentuated with italicized lingo that rings similar to Hindi. Hosseini’s writing style, though, came across as being rather ostentatious, and repetitive at times. Given that this book was third in the list of bestsellers in the US for 2005, I was expecting more from it. If you prefer an engrossing story and an insight into a country that has faded into and out of our collective memories for the wrong reasons, without any expectations from the prose or preconceived notions based on hype, then you may enjoy this book.

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