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In South Korea, a curious ritual plays out weekly. A group calling themselves the Bollywood Lovers Club gathers to watch Hindi movies, which they themselves have painstakingly subtitled in Korean. They watch, in the club leader Kwanghyun Jung’s words, in “Indian style.” That is, they “make noise, laugh, and abuse the villain.” The club also runs Bollywood dance classes. Some of the 7,000-odd members wear Shah Rukh Khan T-shirts and drink coffee from cups with his photograph on them. Only one Indian movie has ever been released in South Korea-a Tamil language film called Muthu: The Dancing Maharaja, in 1998.

The above interesting excerpt is from a book titiled The King of Bollywood – Shah Rukh Khan and the seductive world of Indian Cinema . I came across the book at the local library. An image on the cover page of SRK wearing red lipstick notwithstanding, chapter 1 (from which the above excerpt was taken) seemed interesting enough to be borrow-worthy. Cannot say the same for subsequent chapters that I have read, though I’ll reserve final judgement for until I finish it (if I do).

  • No, it was not my new year resolution to stop blogging – just a prolonged case of otioseness. Yes, it is contagious and now that you have read this far, you shall suffer.
  • I have been doing the one other thing that I have disparaged in the past. I am on twitter. No, I have not yet figured out why anyone would be interested in one’s “twitters” – least so, what someone had for breakfast, lunch or dinner (and maybe you can name 3 people that would be interested in this kind of detail, and perhaps in 2047 you are likely to be interested in knowing what consumed on a nondescript day in the past, but why a public twitter?). Perhaps it human tendency to be interested in l’affaires des autres that makes Twitter and Facebook popular and their founders rich (Why else would be have E!). But I diverge. I was guardedly curious, and it did not help that Twitter is perhaps the next most oft-mentioned term lately, after “recession”, “global recession”, and “the great depression”. The withdrawal symptoms from not blogging and a perceived lack of time (not true) made the easy option of 140 characters-or-less posts tweets hard to resist. The rest, as they say, is history – divvied up as tweets here.
  • Prior to Twitter, another piece of technology (a physical one) I’d long argued against was the iPod – the first versions. I preferred a lightweight device where I could store and carry ~40-50 songs (and there were flash drives that served the purpose), rather than carry all my music around in a far more expensive and heavier player. By induction, it seemed to me that not many people would be interested in such a music player. The subsequent iPod mania caused me to eat my words and buy one of the clunkier video iPods (already a classic) more than a year back. I ended up spending more time organizing my music collection, deciding on,  and switching between playlists than listening to music. I also found jogging with the iPod to be wearisome, if not for the music. A couple months back I got the cheaper $49 iPod shuffle that is perhaps not the most popular of the iPod models, but has all that I care for in a music player – it’s much lighter, saves me the time and agony of choosing between playlists, and it’s cheap. It is strange how with technology, given adequate adoption, popularity drives itself, often at the cost of one’s own contradictory instincts and logic.

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