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John Steinbeck’s letter to Edith Mirrielees, his professor at Stanford, with insights on writing the story, reproduced in Letters of Note. Steinbeck writes:

It is not so very hard to judge a story after it is written, but after many years, to start a story still scares me to death. I will go so far as to say that the writer who is not scared is happily unaware of the remote and tantalizing majesty of the medium.

National Geographic photographer David Alan Harvey on the place he calls home – the hurricane-prone Outer Banks of North Carolina, referred to as OBX.

Why would anyone live with such a lack of security? Because we’re all gamblers, thinking our luck will hold. And because when there’s no hurricane, life is at its best. It’s that simple.

The uncropped photo of the iconic Tank Man at Tiananmen Square (via MeFi), and the 1989 NYT article on this moment of defiance.

It all started with a man in a white shirt who walked into the street and raised his right hand no higher than a New Yorker hailing a taxi.