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  • To those that believe summer is a bad time to visit India – think mangoes – yes, juicy yellow alphonsos ripened to near-perfection by the summer heat. That, and the thrill of watching the season change, as the gray skies and cool breeze mark the end of three months of stressing out the washing machine.
  • Do not visit the Mysore palace on a weekend. It’s like getting into a Mumbai local in rush hour, except you are forever jostling, moving. Got to admit though, that the palace illuminated at night is a sight worth watching.
  • While on the topic of local trains, the recent additions to Mumbai’s trademark red-and-yellow fleet look slick. Gone are the days of tapping on your co-passenger’s shoulder to ask about the station coming up, for these trains display and announce it.
  • Perhaps the most people-friendly animals can be found in the Mysore Zoo. Elephants raise their trunks and giraffes strut about with a confidence that would make veteran ramp models cringe with envy, delighting the camera/camcorder-weilding visitor.
  • Set on hilly terrain, Coorg offers a cool relief from the coastal heat and humidity, not to mention all-round greenery thanks to coffee plantations, and the most excellent filter coffee. Remember to steer clear of the horse fly – a blood sucker large enough that one might be grossed out by the mere thought of zapping it dead. Mosquitoes are benign creatures in comparison

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